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To my dearest fellow Eun Jiwon fans

These past few days have been so hard for us, fans of Eun Jiwon. I’ve been busy so much I couldn’t even update this blog, but I’m always on twitter.


The controversy on The Genius Season 2 right now is too much heartbreaking for us. Except for his fans, practically everyone who watched episode 6 hates him bigtime. I’m not gonna go into details anymore, we all know what happened.

It’s gotten to the point where the haters would go to his DC forum to spread their hate. It’s his fan forum, not even his personal website. (Not saying they should do that. Thank goodness he’s not using twitter anymore.) His fans are sad enough seeing the hate everywhere, but to add salt to the wound, the haters would go to the fans’ place and make them hurt some more. What have the fans done to those antis?

What Jiwon did in that episode was wrong. We, fans, accept that.

We’re very worried about how he’s handling the situation right now. Our oppa is a tough man. I believe in him. He doesn’t just have his fans. He has his friends (non-celebrity, celebrity and even alien ones hehehe) and family who know him better than us. I’m sure they’ll support him as much or even more than we do.

I guess it’s a relief that he has long stopped reading comments online. Of course this news has reached him already. I’ve never seen him as the type who was ever concerned about his image, but this issue is probably the biggest scandal on him so far. Well, this could only make him stronger afterwards. Again, I believe in him.

This is not how I expected the show to turn out to be. But it already happened. What more can we do?

As I’ve said so many times before, this was just a single episode from a reality game. Eun Jiwon is just a human being, bound to make mistakes every once in a while. And the mistake wasn’t even just entirely his. (But I won’t touch that topic anymore.)

We know who he really is. He’s not just some random guy who betrayed and stole from another player in a game called, The Genius Season 2: The Rule Breaker.

He’s Eun Choding, Eun Jiwon.

  • The leader of Clover, Sechskies, Seopseop Dang and Museop Dang.
  • The man with an IQ of 160. There is no proof that it isn’t.
  • The person who loves dogs, especially small ones. Well, Sanggeun is the exception.
  • The CEO of his own music agency.
  • The kid who laughs so easily but would always cover his mouth when he does.
  • The clever man who can easily solve puzzles but be so bad when it comes to quizzes.
  • The kid who always falls into tantrums.
  • The Baby Bear of Papa Bear.
  • The man who agreed to a long term contract in exchange of fish cakes.
  • The once charismatic idol who is now a charismatic hiphop artist.
  • The picky eater who prefers Western food.
  • The man who stands up to his beliefs.
  • The Only One G1! Not Eun Ji Two. Not Eun Ji Three. EUN JI ONE!
  • The intelligent man who’s always good at one liners and comebacks.
  • The sleepwalker who suddenly sits up in the middle of sleeping.
  • The friend of the aliens so long as pictures won’t be taken.
  • The humble guy who always asks, “Me?” whenever his name gets called.
  • The cute man who is always so shy to praises.
  • The person who does what he wants, damn the consequences.

Ahh so many things to list down but I’m already itching to post it ASAP. Please do add some more!

My point is, we know him much better than how the haters and the disappointed ones see him right now. He made some bad choices, but we know he was under pressure at the time too. No man is perfect. Even our oppa. And for that we appreciate, support and love him.

So many people are so angry at him right now, but time will pass. Everyone will get over it.

I’m just glad we love him no matter what. And in these hard times, I’m happy we’re here to support one another.

Let’s stay strong!

Fighting, Jiwon Oppa!

Fighting, my fellow fangirls.

I love you all.


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